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Finding Working Proxies(Included)

This is really not that hard to do, and this is one of the most important parts of getting alot of Minecraft accounts quickly. It's really not to hard, and all I do is download a whole bunch of proxy list, even if they seem unreliable. I then run all the proxy lists through Frozen Proxy Checker, and once it is complete, I click the ''Elite" button to save all the working proxies that are fast.

Leaching Usernames

As simple as this may sound, I am just putting this in here because I have gotten quite a few people ask how to leach usernames. Just download Minecraft Cracker, and simply click the "Leach Usernames" button. You can then specify a text file to save all the usernames in.

Creating a Password List

A password list is included in Minecraft Cracker's download, but alot of people have also asked stuff about this. From past experience, I've noticed that a small password list is much, much, better than a smaller list. You can obviously add more passwords just by guessing stuff, but here is my recommended password list:


The ':USERNAME:' is replaced with the username in Minecraft Cracker.

Starting the Cracker

Now, this is probably the easiest part of Minecraft Cracker. First of all, combine all the elite proxies into one large text file. Now, just load all of the text files into Minecraft Cracker. Click "Load Usernames", and select the file that you leached the usernames to, and then click "Load Passwords", and select the file where you made your password list. Finally, click "Load Proxies" and select your elite proxy list, and click "Start/Stop Bruteforcing". Once you click that, the cracker has now been started. You can click the "Hide" button to minimize it to the tray.

Viewing Your Results

Now, this is where alot of people get confused. In the folder the program was executed in, 2 text files will be created. One will be called "log.txt", while the other will be called "cracked.txt". Here is what each of them store:

cracked.txt - Stores all the accounts that have been successfully cracked.
log.txt - Contains ever action/login that Minecraft Cracker has performed. This also includes invalid logins and changing of proxies. You shouldn't worry about this file.

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