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Free To Encrypt Tool 1.0

File Encryption makes encrypting files on your computer easier and faster than before.
To encrypt your file, click the browse button and select your file from the list and ten click ok button. then select output path and write down the out but file name. and finally enter password and then re confirm your password ( password must be at least 6 characters )

* Note: The longer the password the safer the encryption.
then click the encrypt button.
To remove the file after encryption finished (and keep only the encrypted file), check the option " Remove source file after encryption finished"

* Very important Note: Don't forget your password. forgetting your password meaning that you can't retrieve your file.

To Decrypt a file.
Select click the browse button from the decrypt window, then select the encrypted file (extension *.aen) and then click ok button, then select out put file name (only the name with out the extension), and off course enter the password and finally click the decrypt button.
after decryption finished if you want to view or run the decrypted file click the yes button.


Odin U Disk Encrypt Creator 7.6.3

Odin U Disk Encrypt Creator is a very useful U disk/Flash drive encryption tool. Its friendly interface guides you encrypt your U disk/Flash drive/Portable Hard Drive/Mobile Hard Drive easily.Odin U Disk Encrypt Creator encrypt/protect the external drives with the strong password to ensure absolute confidentiality of your data. After you encrypted your u disk/flash drive with Odin U Disk Encryption Creator,No one can open the files and documents located on your USB storage device except you.Spotlight:The drives protected with Odin U disk Encrypt Creator can be used with other Windows computers, without needing to install Odin U Disk Encrypt Creator on the computer.And protect your data even if your computer has been infected by virus.

Encrypt entire U disk or Portion of flash drive
let you encrypt the whole U disk or the portion of your U disk. Protect your data with strong encryption passwords.

Strong Cryptography
1344 Bit Military Strength disk encryption using the best and most proven cryptographic algorithms such as AES, Blowfish, Tea 16, Tea 32, Des, Triple Des, Misty 1 and Square.

The drive protected works for other computers without installing the APP
Odin U Disk Encryption is the ideal solution to encrypt USB disks and Pen drives without needing to install the software on the computer.

Easy to Install, Deploy & Use
U Disk Encrypt Creator software requires minimal administration and user training. Disk encryption is completely transparent, requiring no change in the way users work with the computer..
Works on any Storage Medium
works on any kinds of removable medium such as Floppy-, Zip-, Jazz-, Sygate-, CD-Rom, DVD- Drives etc… and manages up to 16 TERABITE of encrypted data or 4 GB . 


Hack Pack 2012

With this updated selection you can regain access to the system, retrieve a forgotten password to a file, instant messenger, website, mail ... Test the strength of the local network, a network of Wi-Fi, to learn something new for themselves in terms of network design, programs, etc. A selection of useful both network administrators and ordinary users.

Bruteforce & Recovery
Advanced Archive Password Recovery Professional 4.53
Advanced EFS Data Recovery 4.0
Advanced IM Password Pecovery 4.10.297
Advanced Mailbox Password Recovery
Advanced Office Password Recovery Pro 5.04.547
Advanced PDF Password Recovery 5.04
Advanced RAR Password Recovery 1.53
Advanced Registry Tracer 2.11
Advanced SQL Password Recovery 1.01
Advanced ZIP Password Recovery 4.0
Brutus AET2
Dialupass 3.16
Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery 2.90.215
Elcomsoft Internet Password Breaker 2.0.306
Elcomsoft System Recovery Pro 3.0.466
Elcomsoft Wireless Security Auditor 4.0.211
Facebook Password Extractor 2.0
Lightning Hash Cracker 0.60
Passware Password Recovery Professional 11.1
Password Recovery Bundle 2011 1.80
Proactive Password Auditor 2.01
Proactive System Password Recovery
Product Key Explorer
WirelessKeyView 1.36

Scanners & Sniffers
Ace Password Sniffer 1.4
Aircrack-NG 1.1
Angry IP Scanner 3.0
DFind Fast Scanner GUI 2.3
Essential NetTools 4.3.259
ExploitMyUnion 2.1
Metasploit Pro 4.1.0
Safe3 SQL Injector 8.4
SoftPerfect Network Protocol Analyzer 2.7
SoftPerfect Network Scanner 5.3.2
TamoSoft CommView 6.1.636
TamoSoft CommView for WiFi 6.0.581
TamoSoft CommView for WiFi 6.0.585 VoIP
VisualRoute 2010 Pro 14
w3af 1.0
WEP Key Recovery 1.1.27
Wireshark 1.6.5

FAQ & Book
FAQ on Open Door Phone
Google Hacking
HACK-FAQ For Beginners
Hidden Radmin 3
SolarWinds Engineer Toolset Administrator Guide
SQL Injection. Breaking ASP + MSSQL
Administration and Security Linux
Internet address
Linux Security
Wireless Security
Breaking intercoms Metakom, Cyfral, Metacom, Eltis
Exploiting Software
AP Breaking Wi-Fi with WEP Encryption
AP Breaking Wi-Fi with WPA encryption
Types of Hackers
Virtual Wifi in Windows 7
Information Security
Local Area Networks
Wireless networks
Hacking Techniques
Guide for hackers
Network Administration
List of Ports and Description
Hacking Technique - Sockets, Exploits, Shell-code
Technology network attacks
Information Security Technology
Pull-pull uchetki with ADSL-router

Administration Tools
Advanced IP Address Calculator 1.1
ApacheConf Lite 7.1
Bat To Exe Converter 1.6
CMD Tools
Dependency Walker 2.2
Engage Packet Builder 2.1
Hidden Administrator 4.1
Htpasswd Generator 4.1.1
K9 Crypt
MIPKO Employee Monitor
OllyDbg 2.0
Proxy Finder Enterprise 2.5
Proxy Hunter 1.4
PuTTY 0.60
Radmin 3.4
RemCam 2.1
Resource Hacker 3.6
Resource Tuner
SMAC 2.7 Pro
SolarWinds Engineer Toolset 9.2
Sysinternals Suite
The Dude 3.6
TrueCrypt 7.1
Vbs To Exe
WinHex 16.1
WinSCP 4.3.5

AirPcap 4.1.1
Standard codes of access to network devices
Dictionaries for over passwords
E-mail Poster
Files for the article "Hidden Radmin"
Peek Drivers
Search for files
Tamosoft CardCheck
List of Trackers
BIOS beep codes
Connect Virtual HDD

LiveCD powerful weapon pros
Microsoft Vision 2019
Military arsenal sysadmin
Hacking WPA
Reveal the SSL
Hyperactive virtuality
Compact Windows
Dealing with WPA2

Changes in this version:
1.dobavlena background music (5 tracks + player)
2.Izmeneny menu page
3.soft decomposed by Category
4.obnovlenny girls on pages
5.dobavleny descriptions for all programs from the category of "Brute force & Recovery"
6.Dobavlen software:
Brutus AET2
Dialupass 3.16
Facebook Password Extractor 2
WirelessKeyView 1.36
Advanced Mailbox Password Recovery 1.9
Advanced SLQ Password Recovery 1.01
Essential NetTools 4.3
Metasploit Pro 4 Trial
and some more ...
7. Added FAQ and articles
8. Script to send mail from any address
9. Through the shell, you can connect Vhd

The procedure for treatment:
Code input / Replace File / Patch

WARNING! Some programs, keygens, patches, cracks, antivirus programs are defined as potentially dangerous software! If you are afraid - not swing!

System requirements:
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Adobe Reader

1.4 GB


Ardamax Keylogger 4.0 with Activation Patch & Key

Ardamax Keylogger is a keystroke recorder that captures user's activity and saves it to an encrypted log file. The log file can be viewed with the powerful Log Viewer. Use this tool to find out what is happening on your computer while you are away, maintain a backup of your typed data automatically or use it to monitor your kids. Also you can use it as a monitoring device for detecting unauthorised access. Logs can be automatically sent to your e-mail address, access to the keylogger is password protected. Besides, Ardamax Keylogger logs information about the Internet addresses the user has visited.

This invisible spy application is designed for 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and Windows 7.

Keylogger Features:
• Email log delivery - keylogger can send you recorded logs through e-mail delivery at set times - perfect for remote monitoring!
• FTP delivery - Ardamax Keylogger can upload recorded logs through FTP delivery.
• Network delivery - sends recorded logs through via LAN.
• Clipboard logging - capture all text copied to the Windows Clipboard.
• Invisible mode makes it absolutely invisible to anyone. Ardamax Keylogger is not visible in the task bar, system tray, Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7 Task Manager, process viewers (Process Explorer, WinTasks etc.), Start Menu and Windows Startup list.
• Visual surveillance - periodically makes screenshots and stores the compressed images to log.
• Chat monitoring - Ardamax Keylogger is designed to record and monitor both sides of a conversation in following chats:
- Windows Live Messenger 2011
- ICQ 7
- Skype 4
- Yahoo Messenger 10
- Google Talk
- Miranda
- QiP 2010
• Security - allows you to protect program settings, Hidden Mode and Log file.
• Application monitoring - keylogger will record the application that was in use that received the keystroke!
• Time/Date tracking - it allows you to pinpoint the exact time a window received a keystroke!
• Powerful Log Viewer - you can view and save the log as a HTML page or plain text with keylogger Log Viewer.
• Small size – Ardamax Keylogger is several times smaller than other programs with the same features. It has no additional modules and libraries, so its size is smaller and the performance is higher.
• Ardamax Keylogger fully supports Unicode characters which makes it possible to record keystrokes that include characters from Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and many other character sets.
• It records every keystroke. Captures passwords and all other invisible text.

Other Features:
• Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/Windows 7 support
• Monitors multi-user machines
• Automatic startup
• Friendly interface
• Easy to install


Enigma Protector 3.100 With Patch

The Enigma Protector includes a wide range of unique features aimed at protecting executable files from illegal copying, hacking, modification, and analysis. The supported formats include almost all types of 32- and 64-bit executable files (exe, src, dll, ocx, bpl, etc.) and .NET files created using various development tools, such as MS Visual Studio C#/C++/VB/VB.NET, Borland Delphi/C++, FreePascal, MASM, TASM and others. The protected files can be run on all versions of Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008 and Windows 7. 

The Enigma Protector will make your software resistant to cracking, and thus will increase your sales. The use of attack-proof cryptoalgorithms for registration key generation will make it impossible for others to reconstruct or reproduce the registration key generator for your software. Various methods of code obfuscation, mutation and virtualization will help protect your application from hacking, modifying, disassembling, illegal retrieval of unique functions and data, etc.

Enigma Protector Features

File Protection
A range of features and technologies to help protect the executable file from hacking, analysis, modification and disassembly. A Virtual Machine technology enables part of the application and protection code to be executed in its own virtual CPU, which makes the code practically impossible to analyze.

Licensing System
The licensing system allows prompt integration of registration key verification functions, binding license to a specific computer, limiting the term of license. Rich functionality of the licensing system allows you to create your own key generators and to use the built-in or easily customizable CGI key generators.

Virtual Box
The unique technology which allows combining the files used by your application into a single module without loss of efficiency. This function supports all kinds of files, including dll, ocx, mp3, avi, etc. Virtual Box will protect your files and prevent them from being copied and used in third-party products.


Stealth Logger Latest Cracked + Startup Tutorial

Download Stealth Logger 9.1 from bellow and double click to Open . You will see following screen !

Now Click No. 

Now Click Ok. Now You Will See A Login Screen

Click On Login . You Will Get Again This Error Massage Again.

And You Are Logged In Succesfully ! :) Enjoy !
Its Has Lota Of Fuctions Including Stealth RAT. Explore everything Urself :)

Enjoy !!!!


Encoding Decoding Free 3.0.7

Encoding Decoding Free 3.0.7 + Portable | 2.87/2.9 Mb

The program is completely free, easy, fast and powerful. It is the best way to encode and decode any type of file, which also integrates seamlessly into Windows Explorer. Be used to hide all the sensitive data and important that we want to keep away from prying eyes.

Here are the features:
Disarming ease of use;
Coding of any type of files;
Integration in Windows Explorer for a more rapid;
Creating one password for decryption (in addition to the hidden internal);
Secure encryption of login passwords, pin codes, serial numbers, etc..;
Inability of systems to be cracked by "Brute Force" (if the password is wrong does not display the classic error message intercepted by the crackers, but it is decoded in the wrong way the file will appear illegible).


Win FREE I-pad , I-phone , Samsung Galaxy S and more gadgets

Yes, it is possible without paying even a single dollor ,you just have to visit the website Xpango
There you have to register and select from a wide variety of gadgets which you want (Gadget sections like Mobile phone, gaming console,Mp3 player ,HDTv,PC/Mac )and depending on the price of the gadgets there are are some credits associated with them, which you have to earn.
Now you think it is very hard to earn these credits but personally speaking it is not so, yeah you have to work a lil bit...

For example:Apple i-pod nano 8 GB will require 12 credits so you just have to earn 12 credits to win this cool stuff.Or you may refer your 12 frnds about this and i think it is the simple way as all of you have facebook & twitter id's so the work will be more simpler.

So how to earn credits, there are three options-
1.You may complete offers by signing in to the websites and depending on the offers you may earn credits it may be 1,2,3,or 4 credit.
2.You may refer frnds also, for each referral you will get 1 credit.
3.Buy Clix (But i think it is of no use for us as the word suggests "BUY"    )

Note:-Please fill correct name,id,address as the gift will be delievered at your doorstep and you don't have to pay for courier also and as it is a gift so no service taxes will be applicable so it is totally free.
So what are you waiting for go and grab the cool gadgets for free.

You may also check the testimonial here winners have uploaded there video after getting the free gift (now the question arise why they have uploaded there video , because they will get 3-4 credits for the next free gadget if you want).And there are some Indians also in the winners.And you may apply as many times as you want for the other gifts ,there is no limit in this.Means earn credits and earn your gadget for free.
For further questions we will be glad to help.

Ultra Hackers Kit 376 + Tools [ Rats,Crypters,Stealers...]

Remote Administration Tools/Trojans

1. Cerberus 1.03.4 BETA
2. Turkojan 4 GOLD
3. Apocalypse 1.4.4
4. Spy-Net 2.6
Rar password: Spy-Net
5. Pro Rat v1.9
6. Poison Ivy 2.3.2
7. Bandook Rat v1.35
8. Bifrost v1.0
9. CyberGate v.1.01.0
10. Lost Door v4.2 LIGHT
11. Beast 2.07
12. Shark v3.0.0
13. Sub7 v2.2
14. Pain RAT v0.1
15. xHacker Pro v3.0
16. Seed v1.1
17. Optix Pro v1.33
18. Darkmoon v4.11
19. CIA v1.3
20. Y3k RAT v1.0
21. MiniMo RAT v0.7
22. NetDevil v1.0
23. Deeper RAT v1.0
24. Schwarze Sonne RAT 0.1 Public Beta 2
25. Schwarze Sonne RAT 0.7
26. Schwarze Sonne RAT 0.8
27. Schwarze_Sonne_0.5_Beta
28. Schwarze Sonne RAT 0.2 Beta
29. [BUGFIX]SS-RAT 0.4 Final
30. A32s (fifth) RAT
31. Arctic R.A.T. 0.0.1 Alpha
32. CyberGate v1.02.0
33. CyberGate v1.03.0
34. CyberGate v1.04.8
35. CyberGate_v1.01.8
36. CyberGate-v1.00.0
37. Daleth RAT 1.0(ss rat src)
38. DarkComet2RC1
39. DarkComet2RC5
40. DarkComet-RAT 2.0 Final
41. DarkComet-RAT 2.0 Final RC2
42. DarkComet-RAT 2.0 LAST BETA
43. DarkComet-RAT 2.0b3
44. DarkComet-RAT 2.0b 2
45. Deeper 1.0 Beta10 - Fix1
46. Deeper_1.0_Beta8
47. Deeper_1.0_Beta9
48. DRAT 2009 V4.0 Build 1201
49. DRAT 2009 V4.2 Build 1216
50. Golden Phoenix Rat 0.2
52. GraphicBooting RAT Beta v0.3
53. Lost Door V2.2 Stable Public edition
54. Lost Door v4.3.1
55. miniRAT 0.6 Beta
56. NovaLite_final5
57. Pocket RAT
58. Spy-Net 2.7
59. SS-RAT 0.5 Final
60. SS-RAT 0.6 Final_bugfix
61. SS-RAT 0.6 Public Beta
62. Vanguard
63. Venomous Ivy
64. VorteX RAT
65. Xtreme RAT v1.0
66. Remote Administrator (Radmin) v3.1 Cracked
75. MofoTro
76. Arabian-Attacker v1.2.2
77. Arabian-Attacker v1.4.0
78. Archelaus Beta
79. Arctic R.A.T. 0.0.1 Alpha
80. Arctic R.A.T. 0.1
81. Char0n
82. Erebus v1.0.2 Private Cracked
83. Nytro Rat + Source Code

1. UniProject Binder
2. Sh!t Multi Binder
3. bl0b Binder + Unique Stub Generator
4. Sadaf Binder
5. vBinder
6. KBW Binder
7. SaLiXeM Binder
8. YAB Binder V2.01
9. EES Binder V1.0
10. Albertino Binder
11. Rapid Binder v 1.0[Ultimate Files To Bind] - 100 % FUD
12. BlackHole Binder
13. F.B.I. Binder
14. Predator 1.6
15. PureBiND3R by d3will
16. Schniedelwutz Binder 1.0
17. Simple Binder by Stonedinfect
18. sp1r1tus Binder 1.0
19. Tool-Store Binder 1.0
20. Tool-Store Toasty Binder 1.0
21. Yet Another Binder 2.0


1. Carb0n Crypter v1.8
2. Fly Crypter v2.2 + Unique Stub Generator 0.6
3. JCrypter
4. Triloko Crypter
5. Halloween Crypter
6. Deh Crypter
7. Hatrex Crypter
8. Octrix Crypter
9. NewHacks Crypter
10. Refruncy Crypter
11. Polifemo Ebrio Crypter
12. Infinity Crypter
13. Hallow's Scantime Crypter
14. Daemon Crypt v2.0
15. NTPacker
16. El Bruto Crypter V2
17. [FUD] 146, crypter/packer/downloader/startup
18. iCrypt Abronsius Edition
19. Simple ASM Crypter
20. XxVtecman9xX_Crypter
21. Grenade Crypter (NEW)
22. Sick Crypter
23. Sikandar's_Crypter_Version_1.0_Public
24. Bifrost Crypter by ArexX 2
25. Cryptable Seduction 1.0 by DizzY
26. Crypter by Permabatt
27. Crypter bY YoDa
28. Cryptic 1.5
29. Deception 4 by [RaGe] [Favorite ]
30. Destructor Crypter
31. EXECrypt 1 M0d by CARDX
32. Fuzz Buzz 1.2 by BulletProof
33. OSC-Crypter by haZl0oh M0d
34.Poison Ivy Crypt M0d by CARDX
35. SaW V1 Mod by LEGIONPR
36. Skorpien007 Crypter 3.1
37. Stonedinfect Crypter 1.0
38. Trojka Crypter 1.1 by tr1p0d
39. Deception 4 by [RaGe]


Virus Builders
1. Nathan's Image Worm
2. Dr. VBS Virus Maker
3. p0ke's WormGen v2.0
4. Vbswg 2 Beta
5. Virus-O-Matic Virus Maker
6. Kill Switch v1.0
7. TeraBIT Virus Maker v2.8
8. Hell P2P Worm Generator v1.8
9. Shadow Batch Virus Gen [5.0.0
10.DELmE's Batch Virus Generatorv2.0



1. DD7 Port Scanner
2. SuperScan 4.0
3. Trojan Hunter v1.5
4. ProPort v2.2
5. Bitching Threads v3.1
6. Blue's Port Scanner V5
7. Angry IP Scanner 2.21
8. XSS Scanner
9. TE Port Scanner
10. Free IP Scanner
11. Bobup Scanner v2.1.2
12. Advanced IP Scanner
13. Advanced Port Scanner
14. Bitching Threads
15. LanSpy
16. NeoTracePro
17. NetScanTools
18. ProPort
19. Putty v0.6
20. SuperScan
21. ZenMap - Nmap v5.21 [Win]

DoSers, DDoSers, Flooders and Nukers

1. rDoS
2. zDoS
3. Site Hog v1
4. SYN Flood
5. BFF DoS
6. Good Bye v3.0
7. RPCNuke 1.0
8. Rocket v1.0
9. Panther Mode 2
10. Final Fortune 2.4
11. Click v2.2
12. BattlePong
13. Assault V1.0
14. Supernova V5 DDos Tool ( VIP )
15. HTTP Flood Denial of Service (DoS) Testing Tool
16. iGirls DoS Tool [Free]
17. Longcat Flooder 2.3 (DoS Tool)
18. DoS v5.5 (Denial Of Service)
19. Counter strike style DoS
20. XDos, Dos Tool
21. t3c4i3 Dos Tool v2.00 [updated 9/3/2010]
22 BioHazard DoS 2
23. BioHazard DoS (TCP)
24. FubarDoS - DoS tool now public
25. Black Mamba Dos Attacker 13Mb/s
26. ~FuCk It!~ DOS
27. NetBotAtt14En
28. Click v2.2
29. Spoofed IRC Nuker v1.3
30. Hartz4Flooder v0.2
31. Bitslap
32. Crazyping v1.1
33. Killme v1.0
34. Bd0rk's DoS killer
35. Krate port bomber
36. Fed up v2.0
37. Gimp
38. Muerte v2.1
39. Kaput v1.0 & beta v1.5
40. Donut http flooder v1.4
41. Blood lust
42. Hospitables nuker v2.2
43. Bitchslap v1.0
44. Razors DoS tool v1.1
45. Try2DdoS
46. Firewall killer v1.3
47. Death n destruction
48. Assault v1.0
49. NetBot Attacker v1.4 English
50. Panteher v2.0
51. Battle Pong
52. Nemesy v1.3
53. Meliksah nuke v2.5
54. Inferno Nuker
55. Igmp nuke v1.0
56. Server attack Ddos
58. MegaD34TH - DDOS / Scan / Attack / Freeze tool!
59. xFatex DDOS Network/server Flooder
60. {??} SuPeRdOS {??}
61. Website_Crasherv4.7
62. IFRAME_DDoS_v1.0
63. IP Port Ddos
64. IRAN DoS


Host Booters
1. MeTuS Delphi 2.8
2. XR Host Booter 2.1
3. Metus 2.0 GB Edition
4. BioZombie v1.5
5. Host Booter and Spammer
6. DDoSeR 3.4 (No Crack Needed)
7. Z3r0xb0t Core Public Release [v2.0


1. Dark Screen Stealer V2
2. Dark IP Stealer
3. Lab Stealer
4. 1337 Steam Stealer
5. Multi Password Stealer v1.6
6. Firefox Password Stealer
7. PassStealer v3.0
8. PWStealer V2.0
9. Universal1337 V2
10. Lord PS
11. JPS 1.8
12. spam Stealer
13. Aura Stealer v1.0b
14. BKL Stealer V2.0
15. spam Stealer/Keylogger
16. iStealer 3.0
17. iStealer 4.0
18. iStealer 5.0 (MOD)
19. Midnight Stealer 1.5
20. Ref Stealer v1.0
21. Remote Penetration v2.2
22. SimpleStealer v1.2
23. Unlimited PW Stealer v0.4
24. iStealer 6.3
25.1337 SteamACC Stealer Private
26.Allround Stealer
27. Armageddon Stealer 1.0 by Krusty
28. bl0b Recovery 1.0
29. Blade Stealer 1.0 PUBLIC
30.Codesoft PW Stealer 0.35
31. Codesoft PW Stealer 0.50
32. Dark Screen Stealer 2
33. Dimension Stealer 2 by Gumball
34. FileZilla Stealer 1.0 PUBLIC
35. FileZilla Stealer by Stonedinfect
36. Firefox Password Stealer - Steamcafe
37. Fly Stealer 0.1
38. Fudsonly Stealer 0.1
39. Hackbase Steam Phisher 1.2 BETA
40. spam
41. spam Stealer
42. HardCore Soft
43. ICQ Steal0r
44. IStealer 4.0
45. IStealer 6.0 Legends
46. LabStealer by Xash
47. Multi Password Stealer 1.6
48. Papst Steale.NET
49. Pass Stealer 3.0
50. Pesca Stealer 0.2
51. pixel Stealer 1.3.0 SC
52. pixel Stealer 1.4.0
53. ProStealer
54. Public Firefox 3 Stealer
51. Pure-Steam 1.0 CS
52. Pw Stealer by Killer110
53. Remote Penetration 2.2
54. SC LiteStealer 1
55. SimpleStealer 2.1
56. SPS Stealer
57. SStealer by till7
58. Steam Stealer 1.0 by ghstoy
59. Steam Stealer by till7
60. Stupid Stealer 6 mit PHP Logger
61. System Stealer 2
62. The Simpsons Stealer 0.2
63. Tool-Store FileZilla Stealer 1.0
64. Ultimate Stealer 1.0
65. Universal1337 - The Account Stealer
63. Universal1337 3
Fake Programs

1. PayPal Money Hack
2. Windows 7 Serial Generator
3. COD MW2 Keygen
4. COD MW2 Key Generator
5. DDoSeR 3.6
6. Dice Rigger
7. DoXiE v1.2
8. Steam KeyGen
9. Emblem Crypter
10. Flex Bot RuneScape
11. Flooder
12. Gamebattles Credit Adder
13. Kaspersky KeyGen
14. Microsoft Point Generator
15. MSN Password Cracker
16. MSDN Admin Maker
17. Multi Hacker
18. MW2 Serial Generator
19. Norton 2010 KeyGen
20. PayPal Account Verified
21. PayPal Money Hacker
22. xBox 360 Account Hacker
23. WoW Account Hacker
24. Windows Activator
25. TeamViewer Patcher
26. Runescape Stat Changer
27. RapidShare Extender
28. Poker Hack

Cracking Tools
1.VNC Crack
2.Access Driver
3.Attack Toolkit v4.1 & source code included
Analysis :
· OllyDbg 1.10 & Plugins - Modified by SLV *NEW*
· W32Dasm 8.93 - Patched *NEW*
· PEiD 0.93 + Plugins *NEW*
· RDG Packer Detector v0.5.6 Beta - English *NEW*

Rebuilding :
· ImpRec 1.6 - Fixed by MaRKuS_TH-DJM/SnD *NEW*
· Revirgin 1.5 - Fixed *NEW*
· LordPE De Luxe B *NEW*

Packers :
· FSG 2.0
· MEW 11 1.2 SE
· UPX 1.25 & GUI *NEW*
· SLVc0deProtector 0.61 *NEW*
· ARM Protector v0.3 *NEW*
· WinUpack v0.31 Beta *NEW*

Patchers :
· dUP 2 *NEW*
· CodeFusion 3.0
· Universal Patcher Pro v2.0
· Universal Patcher v1.7 *NEW*
· Universal Loader Creator v1.2 *NEW*
· aPatch v1.07
· PMaker v1.2.0.0 *NEW*
· Tola's Patch Engine v2.03b
· ABEL Loader v2.31
· Yoda's Process Patcher *NEW*
· Registry Patch Creator *NEW*
· ScAEvoLa's PatchEngine v1.33 *NEW*
· Dogbert's Genuine Patching Engine v1.41 *NEW*
· Graphical-PatchMaker v1.4 *NEW*
· The aPE v0.0.7 BETA *NEW*
· Liquid2 *NEW*
· PELG v0.3 *NEW*
· PrincessSandy v1.0 *NEW*

HEX Editor :
· Biew v5.6.2
· Hiew v7.10 *NEW*
· WinHex v12.5 *NEW*

Decompilers :
· DeDe 3.50.04
· VB ?Decompiler? Lite v0.4 *NEW*
· Flasm

Unpackers :
· ACProtect - ACStripper
· ASPack - ASPackDie
· ASProtect > Stripper 2.07 Final & Stripper 2.11 RC2 *NEW*
· FSG 1.33 > Pumqara's Dumper
· FSG 2.00 > UnFSG
· PeCompact 1.x > UnPecomp
· PEncrypt > UnPEncrypt
· PeSpin 0.3 > DeSpinner 0.3
· tELock 0.98-1.0 > UntELock
· EXEStealth > UnStealth
· Xtreme-Protector / Themida > XprotStripper v1.1 *NEW*
· Morphine Killer 1.1 by SuperCracker/SND *NEW*
· ASPR Dumper v0.1 *NEW*
· Armadillo Process Detach v1.1 *NEW*
· Armadillo Dumper v1.0 *NEW*
· Armadillo Nanomite Fixer *NEW*
· Armadillo Distance Decryptor aka Jump Table Fixer *NEW*
· ArmTools (Translated!) *NEW*
· ArmInline v0.1 *NEW*
· Quick Unpack v1.0b3 *NEW*
· Procdump v1.6.2 *NEW*

Keygenning : *NEW*
· TMG Ripper Studio 0.02 *NEW*

Other :
· FileMon v7 (Patched) *NEW*
· RegMon v7 (Patched) *NEW*
· RSATool 2
· DAMN HashCalc
· EVACleaner 2.7
· Process Explorer
· Resource Hacker
· PUPE 2002
· PointH Locator *NEW*
· ASPR CRC Locator 1.2 *NEW*
· PE Tools 1.5 RC5 *NEW*
· API Address Finder *NEW*
· Jump to Hex Convertor *NEW*
· PE GeNeRaToR 1.2.1 *NEW*
· Quick File Viewer v1.0.1 *NEW*
· PE Insight 0.3b *NEW*
· Crypto Searcher *NEW*
· PE Editor v1.7 *NEW*
· bkslash's Inline Patcher *NEW*
· Stud_PE v2.1 *NEW*
· Injecta v0.2 *NEW*
· PE Rebuilder v0.96b *NEW*
· PE Optimizer v1.4 *NEW*
· ToPo v1.2 *NEW*
· NFO Builder 2000 v1.02 *NEW*
· NFO File Maker v1.6 *NEW*
· TMG NFOmakeR v1.0 *NEW*
· hCalc *NEW*

Phishing Pack + Program
1.Fake Login Page(Tutorial)
2.Phisher Maker
3.YouTube Phisher
4.XboxLive Phisher
5.WWE Phisher
6.WoW Phisher
7.Wells Fargo Phisher
8.Warez-bb Phisher
9.Steam Phiser
10.SourceForge Phisher
11.Skype Phisher
12.SendSpace Phisher
13.RuneScape Phisher
14.Spam Phisher
15.PornoTube Phisher
16.Photobucker Phiser
17.PayPal Phisher
18.NationWide Phisher
19.AIM Phisher
20.facebook Phisher
21.FileFront Phisher
22.Gmail Phisher
23.GoDaddy Phisher
24.Habbo Phisher
25.Hi5 Phisher Phisher
27.HP (Shop)Phisher Phisher Phisher Phisher Phisher Phisher
33. Playstation Underground
34. Amazon

Sql Injection Tools
1.Vbulletin 3.6.5 Exploit
2.sqliHelper 2.7
3.sqli column counter
4.exploit scanner
5.cpanel bruteforcer
6.blind Sqli
7.admin finder
11.Acunetix.Web.Vulnerability.Scanner.Enterprise.E dition.v6.0-EDGE
12.Havij 1.08 - Advanced SQL Injection Tool
13.Hexjector v1.0.7.3 Special Edition
14.SQL ExploitScanner V3 Rebuild Version
15.SQL Exploiter Professional v2.15
16.Pangolin Released
17.SQL Injection Tool v2.1
18.SQL Power Injector 1.2


Heaven Crypter V1.1 [23.5] [Auto-Updater]



Icon Changer
Assembly Changer
Block AV sites
10+ Anti's
Error Massage
Extension Spoofer
Site Blocker
Hex Viewer


[FUD]Bypass KIS ►2012 Crypter◄ C# |Binder | Worm [40+ Features][Cracked]

[+]Limited Copies To Sell
[+]Less Users of Crypter So less Detection 
[+]Working on : XP/VISTA/7 [32/64 BIT]
[+]Unicode Os Support
[+]Private Encrypted Fud RunPE
[+]RunPE #1 (Special RunPE Coded In VB)
[+]RunPE #2 (Special RunPE Coded In C#)
[+]Custom Injection
[+]Drop & Run
[+]Default Browser
[+]9 Different Encryptions
[+]Polymorphic Encryption
[+]File Binder
[+]Binds Any File (.jpg, .mp3, .pdf, .wmv etc.)
[+]Compressed OutPut
[+]40% Small Output then the server size
[+]Custom encryption Pool
[+]Creates an Unicode Pass for encryption
[+]25+ Antis
[+]Kills most Of all
[+]2 Start-Up Methods
[+]Add to Start-up Folder
[+]Custom Start-up Name
[+]Use your desired Start-up name
[+]Custom Install Path
[+]My Documents
[+]Hide File
[+]Hides the file After It runs
[+]Custom Process Name *Hot
[+]Use a desired Process for the Crypeted File
[+]4 Worm Functions *Hot
[+]USB Spreader
[+]RAR Spreader
[+]Zip Spreader
[+]Lan Spreader
[+]4 Disablers
[+]Task Manager
[+]System Restore
[+]System Registry
[+]NT Header
[+]Protects output from reflection 
[+]File Persistence
[+]Protects your file from Getting Deleted 
[+]Reg Persistence (Added Soon)
[+]Protects your file from Getting removed from Start-UP: 
[+]Melt File
[+]Deletes itself at the end, When ran
[+]Bypass Firewall
[+]Bypass into network security of firewall
[+]Bypass UAC
[+]Bypass any UAC level in Vista & 7
[+]Assembly Changer
[+]Set desired assembly in the output file 
[+]File Cloner
[+]Clone Assembly of any executable
[+]Icon Changer
[+]Get your desired icon in the output file 
[+]Extension Spoofer
[+]Set any extension to the output (.jpg, .pdf, .txt, .mp3, .wmv)
[+]Automatically Updates when any Update is available.
[+]Updated almost twice a week
[+]Dynamic HWID
[+]Changes your HWID on your need 
[+]Botkiller (Added Soon)
[+]Kills all Rats & keyloggers from PC 
[+]Hide Process (Added Soon)
[+]Hides the server Process from taskmanager.
[+]Private Version Starting From 17€ (Special Discount of 22%)
[+] 21€ for 31 days 17€ for 31 Days under 22% discount
[+] 37€ for 100 Days 31€ for 100 Days under 22% discount
[+] 61€ for Lifetime 51€ for lifetime under 22% discount

100% Tested and Works With:(Highest Compatibility)
[√] BlackShades RAT
[√] BlackShades HTTP
[√] Blackshades Stealer
[√] Blackshades Fusion
[√] Insomnia IRC Bot
[√] CyberGate
[√] DarkComet 5
[√] SpyNet
[√] Xtreme Rat
[√] iStealer
[√] Albertino's Advanced RAT
[√] Poison Ivy
[√] Cerberus
[√] xDoseR
[√] Turkojan 4 Gold
[√] Cammy
[√] POE Stealer
[√] IPKiller
[√] Rapzo Logger ( Public & Private Edition )
[√] XYZ Logger (All Versions)
[√] XYZ Stealer (All Versions)
[√] Cyber-Shark
[√] Predator Pain (All Versions)
[√] 541's Keylogger (All Versions)
[√] r3d0n l0GG3r (All Versions)
[√] Syslogger
[√] {Project Neptune (All Versions)
[√] Works With all .net Applications 


Sikandar Crypter Lite 8.1 FUD 0/41 Cracked

Server File Scan report

Filename: max.exe (960 KB)
Detections: 4 / 37
Scan date: 16-05-2012 (GMT +2)

A-Squared - OK
AVG Free - Virus found ILCrypt
Ad-Aware - OK
AhnLab V3 Internet Security -OK
AntiVir (Avira) -OK
ArcaVir - OK
Avast - Win32:Downloader-OJZ [Trj]
Avast 5 - OK
BitDefender -OK
BullGuard - OK
COMODO Internet Security - OK
Clam Antivirus - OK
Dr.Web - OK
F-PROT Antivirus - OK
F-Secure Internet Security - OK
G Data - Win32:Downloader-OJZ [Trj]
IKARUS Security - Win32.Downloader.OJZ
Immunet Antivirus - OK
Kaspersky Antivirus - OK
MS Security Essentials - OK
McAfee - OK
Norman - OK
Norton Antivirus - OK
Panda Security - OK
Quick Heal Antivirus - OK
Rising Antivirus - OK
Solo Antivirus - OK
Sophos - OK
Trend Micro Internet Security - OK
VBA32 Antivirus - OK
Vexira Antivirus -OK
VirusBuster Internet Security - OK
Webroot Internet Security - OK
Zoner AntiVirus - OK
eTrust-Vet - OK


Reverse Engineering Tools ( 3.92 GB )

After decompressing it take more 6 gb . They contain casi totally all crack tool up to date since 2012 . It's very impressive kit.


Keygener Assistant [Crypter] [Tons Of Functions]

Descreption :

Released on 11/05/2012
Keygener Assistant is a Full tool that combines several functions
to facilitate the task and save time during the analysis of an algorithm

Operations :
+ BigNumbers Calculator
+ Conversion & Encoding
+ Hashing & CheckSum Calculator
+ Cryptography Operations
+ Hash & Crypto detector
+ System Information & System outils
Encoding  :
Base2 Encode (String to Binary)
Base2 Decode (Binary to String)
Base10 Encode (String to Decimal)
Base10 Decode (Decimal to String)
Base16 Encode (String to Hex)
Base16 Decode (Hex to String)
Base32 Encode (String to Base32)
Base32 Decode (Base32 to String)
Base64 Encode (String to Base64)
Base64 Decode (Base64 to String)
Base91 Encode (String to Base91)
Base91 Decode (Base91 to String)
MIME32 Encode (String to MIME32)
MIME32 Decode (MIME32 to String)
MIME64 Encode (String to MIME64)
MIME64 Decode (MIME64 to String)
PGP Encode (String to PGP)
PGP Decode (PGP to String)
UUCODE Encode (String to Unix UU base 64)
UUCODE Decode (Unix UU base 64 to String)
XXCODE Encode (String to Unix XX base 64)
XXCODE Decode (Unix XX base 64 to String)
RFC1760 Encode (String to RFC1760 Format)
RFC1760 Decode (RFC1760 Format to String)
CheckSums :
Hashes  :
Haval-128 (Rounds 3/4/5)
Haval-160 (Rounds 3/4/5)
Haval-192 (Rounds 3/4/5)
Haval-224 (Rounds 3/4/5)
Haval-256 (Rounds 3/4/5)
Tiger-128 (Rounds 3/4/5)
Tiger-160 (Rounds 3/4/5)
Tiger-192 (Rounds 3/4/5)
Sapphire II-128
Sapphire II-160
Sapphire II-192
Sapphire II-224
Sapphire II-256
Sapphire II-288
Sapphire II-320
Whirlpool 0
Whirlpool 1
Whirlpool 512
Symmetric Crypto :
AES (Rijndael)
Cast 128
Cast 256
Thin ICE
Asymmetric Crypto :
What's New in version v 2.0.2
- String & File Symetric Encryption :
+ Added Block Cipher Padding (PKCS#7, Zero Padding, ANSI X.923, ISO 10126, No Padding).
+ Added Encryption Modes ( ECB,CBC,CTS,CFB,OFB).
+ Added Key Hashing Possibility (MD5,SHA,GOST, Panama .... , No Hash)
+ Added Encryption & Statut Information (Key Length, Block Size..).
+ Used isolated Thread during File Encryption.
- Base Converter Interface Changed (for more simplicity to use).
- Bug Fixed in Prime Test.